Welcome to The View From Down Here - a newsletter of thoughts and happenings from my life as a journalist, writer, bookworm and disabled woman living in London.

Let’s get acquainted

I’m Lucy. You may know me from my work as a freelance journalist. I’ve written for outlets like The Guardian, The FT, The Times, Tortoise and others.

My main beat is disability - in all its guises. I cover things like disability representation in books and the arts, the sexual harassment of disabled women, and developments in accessible travel. There’s always a new issue to cover or a cool disabled person to interview. I love using my writing to raise awareness, spearhead change and combat ableism.

I’m also an experienced public speaker and avid social media user. I use all these public platforms to speak about ableism and spur people to take action. Please get in touch if you’re interested in working together!

And in very exciting news, my debut book is out on 7 September 2023!

The View From Down Here: Life as a young disabled woman is a memoir exploring what it’s like to live at the intersection of ableism and sexism, how these forces have shaped me, and how society often fails to see disabled women as women at all.

Pre-orders open soon, so watch this space!

Outside work, I love nothing more than good food shared with friends, or a quiet Saturday curled up with magazines and books. I’ll read anything well-written (words are the great love of my life) but have a particular soft-spot for history and narrative non-fiction. Let me know any recommendations in the comments!

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. For book-related stuff, contact my agent, Jess Molloy at Curtis Brown.

What’s this newsletter for?

Throughout my time as a journalist - and as a human being - I’ve seen how people don’t really know what it’s like to be a disabled person. Even less, a disabled woman.

While I cover big issues in my freelance work - like social care, representation, access and ableism - I want The View From Down Here to show the everyday experiences of disability, and what it’s like to live them.

So this is a very personal space, but one that I hope will enlighten, explain and, hopefully, empower nondisabled people to be disability allies.

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What's it *really* like to be disabled? How can you fight ableism? A newsletter aiming to demystify disability through personal stories and observations, from journalist and card-carrying disabled woman Lucy Webster


Lucy is a journalist covering disability for news outlets such as the FT and the Guardian. Her Substack, The View From Down Here, uses stories from her life as a wheelchair user to challenge ableism. Her memoir of disabled womanhood is coming soon.