Welcome to The View From Down Here with me, Lucy Webster.

What is this new little corner of the internet?

It’s a weekly newsletter, coming directly from me to you via the wonders of email.

I’ll be writing about my favourite things: my lived experience in feminism, politics, disability rights, and books. I really love books.

If these things seem a little eclectic, let me assure you that they’re not as random as they seem.

The easiest way to explain is to tell you a little bit about me.

I’m a freelance journalist and writer, with lots of experience covering Westminster. I’m passionate about making politics accessible to all audiences, and to telling diverse stories. This newsletter will focus on the political issues I care about personally - and I promise they won’t be stuffy and boring. Politics is exciting. Really.

Also, as you may have guessed, I am a disabled woman.

I’m a full-time wheelchair user, and I have been since I got too old to crawl around. I know disability, it’s the frame through which I interact with the world. Specifically, it’s the frame through which I construct my (ardent) feminism.

I really do have the view from down here.

Waist-height, to be precise.

Disability, and in particular the voices of disabled people, are seriously under-represented in the media. I am constantly telling those around me about the prevalence and invidiousness of ableism, and it’s become clear that lots of people don’t really know anything about it.

I think that’s mainly because no one talks about it. So here I am going to be, talking about it.

What does that look like? I think it’s two things. Obviously, there’s the big stuff: the politics of disability. Discrimination, social care, access, welfare - you name it, we need to talk about it.

But I think real change comes from understanding and empathy, so it’s equally important to talk about the small(er) stuff. The lived experience of disability: how it shapes identity, mental health, relationships, and everything else. These are the stories that remain untold.

So slowly and surely I am going to let you in on mine.

Oh, and when it comes to books, what can I say? I really, really like books.

If any of this sounds up your street, I hope you’ll join me in building the View From Down Here into a lovely, friendly, diverse community.

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